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HumiSeal 1A27NS

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Hãng sản xuất: HumiSeal 

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HumiSeal® Products

HumiSeal produces conformal coatings from all chemistries, including acrylics, urethanes and silicones, both water based and UV curable.

This represents the widest product range and the largest choice of qualified products currently available. We are continually looking to further enhance our product range by being at the forefront of conformal coating innovation and product development. This means HumiSeal can meet all your requirements with immediate effect while constantly striving to stay one step ahead of your desires as your business develops.

With three manufacturing factories at strategic locations around the world we are able to produce the entire HumiSeal range to the same high quality standards that you have come to expect anywhere in the world. We also offer a complete range of production aids, including liquid masking materials. All materials are fully tested for process compatibility with our coating materials, thus saving you the time and effort of coordinating separate suppliers.


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