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KED Aquas-Tech 7000 PCBA Inline Cleaner

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KED Aquas-Tech 7000 PCBA Inline Cleaner


  • Suitable for cleaning large quantities PCBA, online completion of cleaning, rinsing and drying all the processes
  • Excellent cleaning effect, the effective removal of rosin, water soluble flux, disposable flux and other organic, inorganic pollutants
  • Standard process: Pre cleaning—Cleaning—Chemical isolation—Pre-rinsing—Wind cut isolation—Rinsing—Rinsing 2—Final spray— Wind knife 1 cutting water— Wind knife 2 cutting water — Hot air drying
  • Excellent chemical isolation, low running costs
  • Stainless steel cabinet with good reliability and can protect any hurt by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.
  • Small plate can be placed PCBA fixture;
  • Resistivity meter monitoring rinsing liquid , ensuring cleanliness
  • Wind knife cutting water+ Infrared hot air circulation
  • Selection of spray cleaning knife, make better cleaning effect;
  • 15.6″ touch-screen computer automation control, Chinese / English operation interface;
  • Flexible operation of water cleaning or chemical solvent cleaning;
  • The unique rinsing overflow design to save water consumption;
  • UPS standby power supply system;
  • Short delivery date;
  • Localization service team and adequate supply of spare parts
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Đặc điểm nổi bật của KED Aquas-Tech 7000 PCBA Inline Cleaner


  • Ultrasonic concentration monitoring system
  • On side compression air cutting water system
  • The upper belt hold board system
  • Condensate recovery system
  • Forced drainage system
  • Pressure monitoring system
  • Inline SMEMA communication system
  • Special positioning transmission channel

Technical Data:

  • Board direction : Left to right 【Front window view 】
  • Control mode: using one touch type computer + PLC configuration software control
  • Speed: 0.1-1.5m / min adjustable;0.8 m / min ( recommended )
  • Cleaning PCBA Size:Max 600mm(W) × 100mm(H)
  • Cleaning PCBA Size:Min 50mm(W)×50 mm(H) (To be clamped)
  • Board Thickness: 0.1~ 4mm
  • Cleaning Solvent Tank Capability:300L(Max)
  • Cleaning Pump Power:11KW
  • Cleaning Solvent Filter:0.45μm
  • Cleaning Solvent Heating Power:27KW
  • Rinsing Tank Capacity:180L(Max)
  • Rinsing Tank Heating Power:36KW
  • Rinsing Pump Power:11KW
  • Cleaning Method:high pressure spray
  • Drying Method:high pressure blower cutting water and Hot air circulation
  • Drying Heating Power:15KW
  • Solvent Heating Temperature:RT~70℃
  • Drying Temperature:RT~100℃
  • DI Water Consumption:10-15L /Min
  • DI Water Access Pressure: ≦0.5Mpa
  • Resistivity meter monitoring range:0~18 MΩ
  • Conveyor height:900 ± 50mm
  • Exhaust volume: 40M³/Min
  • Power Supply:AC380V 50HZ
  • Total Power:≈ 136KW
  • Net Weight:2500Kg
  • Outlet Size: Φ250mm(W)×50mm(H)*2PCS
  • Machine Size:6580 mm (L)×1580 mm (W) ×1600 mm (H)
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