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Máy Rửa Khuôn in (Metal masks) KED K-3000L

KED K-3000L Water-based Stencil Cleaner

Brand: KED-Tech

Made in: China

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Features KED K-3000L:

●Dedicated to water-based liquid cleaning stencil and PCBA process of high-pressure spray systems.
●Double liquid groove, achieve the cleaning and rinsing demand.
●Process: Cleaning-Chemical isolation- Rinsing(Open / close loop) – Drying
● Preparation of fully automatic touch screen operating software, save program file and easy to use.
●Cleaning count feature that automatically aggregate cleaning number of stencil and filtration cycle times.
●Liquid and pump pressure gauge can be displayed by panel
●Cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, A wide process window
●Resistivity meter monitoring rinse to ensure cleanliness
●It supplies filter life monitoring alarm
●Stainless steel canbinet with good reliability and can resisit any hurt by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.
●Rinsing liquid emission filtering that more environmental friendly;

Technical Data KED K-3000L:

Stencil Size:Max 800mm(L) ×750mm(W) × 40mm(H)
Liquid Tank Capability:Max 50L*2PCS
Cleaning、Rinsing Method:Move up and down spray liquid through high pressure spray liquid
Drying Method:High pressure hot air
Clean Time Setting:2-5 Minutes
Clean Dry Time:1-2 Minutes
Rinse Time Setting:1 Minutes
Rinse Times: 1-99(set)
Drying Time:3-5 Minutes
Clean Cycle Filtering : 1 filter:10μm
2 filter:   1μm
ing Discharge Filter:1μm(Filter tiny impurities)
Liquid Heating Temperature:Room temperature~70℃
Resistivity Meter Range: 1MΩ-15MΩ
Compressor Air:0.45Mpa ~ 0.7Mpa
Power Supply:AC380V 50HZ 60A
Outlet Size:Φ124(W)×30mm(H)
Net Weight:600Kg
Machine Size:1560mm(L) ×1160mm(W) × 1850mm(H)

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