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Klubersynth BQP 72-82

Model: Klubersynth BQP 72-82

Minimum shelf life: 12 months.


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Klubersynth BQP 72-82 - Description:

Klubersynth BQP 72-82 is designed for small rolling bearings in which material fatigue due to vibration in combination with pressure and temperature can occur. It is based on ester oil and polyurea thickener and made according to a special manufacturing procedure, facilitating smoother running of rolling bearings. With its above-average corrosion protection properties, it also extends the lifetime of rolling bearings.

Benefits for your application

Extended component lifetime

  • Smooth running, especially in small rolling bearings ensures protection against premature material fatigue.
  • Above-average corrosion protection avoids corrosion damage.
  • Improved vibration resistance owing to optimised wear protection

Based on modern raw materials according to Bosch standard N 2580 (2008).

Klubersynth BQP 72-82 - Product data:

Article number 094116
Chemical composition, thickener Polyurea
Chemical composition, type of oil Ester oil
Lower service temperature -40 °C / -40 °F
Upper service temperature 180 °C / 356 °F
Color Beige
Density at 20 °C Approximately 0.90 g/cm³
Worked penetration, DIN ISO 2137, 25 °C Lower limit value: 280 x 0.1 mm
Worked penetration, DIN ISO 2137, 25 °C Upper limit value: 310 x 0.1 mm
Klübersynth BQP 72-82 Rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication
Worked penetration, DIN ISO 2137, 25 °C, difference after 100,000 double strokes <= 60 x 0.1 mm
Speed factor (n x dm) Approximately 1,000,000 mm/min
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 40 °C Approximately 80 mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 100 °C Approximately 11 mm²/s
Corrosion inhibiting properties of lubricating greases, based on DIN 51802, SKF-EMCOR, test duration: 1 week, 5% NaCl solution <= 3 corrosion degree
Copper corrosion, DIN 51811, (lubricating grease), 24h/100°C 1 - 100 corrosion degree
Drop point, DIN ISO 2176, IP 396 >= 250 °C
Flow pressure of lubricating greases, DIN 51805, test temperature: -40 °C <= 1,400 mbar
Noise test run: anderometer according KL-PN 035 <= 2/2
Oil separation, based on ASTM D 6184 [FTMS 791 C 321] after 30 h/150 °C <= 3% by weight
Water resistance, DIN 51807 pt. 01, 3 h/90 °C, rating <= 1 - 90
Minimum shelf life. 12 months

Klubersynth BQP 72-82 - Application:

Klubersynth BQP 72-82 is preferably used for highly-loaded generator bearings, fan bearings and bearings in driving and electric motors, e.g. in cars.

Klubersynth BQP 72-82 - Application notes:

  • Klubersynth BQP 72-82 can be applied by means of brush, spatula, and automatic dosing units for small quantities or conventional dosing systems. The product is normally suitable for central lubricating systems.
  • Please note, however, that due to different system configurations and application conditions the pumpability of the product has to be confirmed with the system manufacturer for each individual application. We will be pleased to provide assistance in this matter.
  • Ideally, the friction point should be cleaned and dried prior to lubrication. If a preservative has been applied prior to greasing, we recommend checking compatibility with the lubricant.

Where to buy Klubersynth BQP 72-82 ?

We, Hicotech, are an authorized distributor of genuine Klubersynth BQP 72-82 and other industrial products such as lubricating oils, greases, chemicals, etc. For consultation and competitive pricing, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, we also distribute other product categories such as:

Contact Information:

Hotline/Zalo. 094 526 1931




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